Sunday, February 3, 2013

Website Style 2

Choose this website format as our gift for your donation of $5.00 or more to The Pathway Home Foundation

This is a simple website that is guaranteed to last for 30 days or your money back.  After 30 days, your website is still free.  We only ask that you renew your gift 360 days from your donation date. 

Don't worry, it only takes a minimum of $5.00 on or before 360 days from the date you donated to The Pathway Home Foundation to renew this Website Style 2

Email the words that you would like to have placed in this area for your website.  You can advertise your business.  Promote your business or a special product.  You can post your biography.  Promote yourself! 

How about creating a website for your church or a particular outreach ministry.  Maybe you'd like to use this web design for your reading, children's, or social group. 

Email a photo, and if it is the right pdf size, it can go in this area at the top also.  There is no extra charge to add a photo! 

The possibilities are endless.  You can memorialize a loved one with a eulogy.  Share that you are looking for a loved one and post contact information for them to contact you when they find you here on the web.   

Make a special announcement.  A wedding announcement.  A group news announcement.  You can post anything that is business oriented, personal, fun and friendly!  (No adult content.)

The Pathway Home Foundation would like to thank RBNG Business Management for providing the website, the labor, and the fundraising help.

Click here to donate to The Pathway Home Foundation and receive a personalized website using this template.  It is our gift for your thoughtful donation.   

If you'd like to email us first to make an inquiry, click here.  Make sure to submit your name, email address, and telephone #. Thank you! 

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